Our Services

We ensure that the message you intend to communicate, engages the specific individual or groups targeted by you, resulting in maximum attention and engagement.  

PUBLIC RELATIONS PR is a Persuasion Business. You are trying to convince an audience, in your city, state or country and outside your usual sphere of influence. To do what? To promote your idea, purchase your product, support your position, or recognise your accomplishments. In this way PR can be used to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media, social media, or self-produced communications.

With a track record of immensely successful public relations campaigns for clients across diverse sectors, Akund Communications is efficiently poised to deliver best-in-class services to heighten your business success and growth.

Some of our key services are:

Product Announcements & Launches

A good product launch is intent, achievement and a kickstart goal for any organisation. This requires a barrage of activites, aimed at promoting the new product and increasing its awareness. These include strategically positioned press releases, press conferences and media tie-ups across the nation.

A market-fit product, a company backing the idea and strategic short-term messaging which addresses consumers’ pain points. If long-term Public Relations strategies have worked, it is easier to ensure that the product is market-fit and really addresses the needs of the consumer. This requires a pulse on customer touchpoints, social media and big data at all stages of innovation - from ideation to market. It also helps in getting real-time feedback on a product.

When it comes to the run-up to product launch, the market might already have perceptions about a brand’s product and its value, based on word of mouth, consumer interaction, website content and communication materials like ads, blogs and cold sales emails.

We help you establish market needs in the press or media by identifying the marketing pain points you’re trying to solve. . By analysing and developing a story ahead of your launch, we’ll ensure it gets the media attention that it deserves.

News Management

We help you in reaching the media and bridge the gap between the consumers and business through news products and integrations. These include research reports, case studies, news releases, participation in newsworthy B2B and B2C events like awards, seminars, panel discussions, tie-ups with media or ganisations and influencers.

The idea behind most PR strategies is reputation management. This could refer to a company’s long-term reputation and short term publicity together . As a company, we cater to both these needs by developing channels within the media that are reliable and balanced. These channels have been built by nurturing a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Hence, the chain of credibility begins with us.

Trends play a role in shaping the market and society preferences at large. Analysing the data gathered from pre-existing coverage helps regulate how the company’s present performance can be optimised. So, knowing which media agent suits which client becomes imperative for a good PR firm. That’s where our experienced team’s media intelligence helps clients to amplify their success.

We develop communications objectives that are custom-made to suit a company’s needs. These objectives are consistent with a company’s goals.

Press Conference

We help you organise a press conference to officially disseminate information and answer queries raised by media. Press conferences can be held by corporations, businesses, politicians, individuals and other notable personalities.

A few days prior to the press conference, the entity issues a press invitation, inviting all the concerned journalists from all forms of media. After the press conference takes place, the entity may issue a press release, outlining the nature of the event. At times, these are issued well in advance of the conference.

An entity, be it an individual or a company, has the opportunity to present a news story in its most favourable light by inviting the press to such special events. In other cases, lesser-known persons/companies may want to increase their stature in the media by making it easier for news agencies to cover company events.

By gaining favourable media exposure, corporates are able to gain greater brand recognition and authority in the market, usually at a much lower cost than that required for a widespread advertising campaign.

Speaking Opportunities on Industry Stories

We help leverage executive-level clients for thought leadership opportunities. Doing this ensures others receive exposure to these thought leaders‘ beliefs, best practices, tips and more. It also demonstrates that the speaker has an original viewpoint and that the topic they want to discuss is something others think is worth bringing to the table. Perhaps most important, speaking engagements can drive qualified leads directly into your sales funnel.

Speaking to an audience gives organisations and their thought leaders a stage to demonstrate their expertise, gain credibility and engage with their target audiences.

Media Relations

We at Akund Communications understand that facilitating communication and relationship between an organisation and its target media is vital. Media relations is a basic service that every company requires to increase their brand visibility in the market. So, building effective media relations is at the core of our communication services.

Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with the right stakeholders in the media industry at both regional and national levels. We liaison with the media to put across our clients’ stories and inform the public about their products, achievements and plans. We work with the media to develop stories, understand their editorial trends and provide information on behalf of our clients. We ensure that we pitch journalists with interesting and relevant stories which act as win-win situations for them and for our clients.

We also have a very comprehensive list of offline and digital media platforms and journalists associated with them which we update on a regular basis. If you don’t have a compelling story to share with our team, we will assist you in carefully crafting something that will make the audience sit up and take notice. To strengthen our media relations, we do regular media rounds even when there is no news to share, meeting media people on an individual basis so that the recall value is higher.

Select Media Meet

Many a times it’s not feasible to arrange a press conference. At such times, we arrange exclusive interactions for our clients with selected or targeted mediapersons, channels and platforms.

Before approaching the media with a story, we diligently follow a process to ensure that the media we are targeting is relevant for our client and will capture the interest for our client’s audience at large. We have familiarised ourselves with the beats that each individual mediaperson covers and accordingly approach them with story ideas and announcements that are relevant.

We leave no stone unturned to invite the right media influencers to such events. We let them experience the launch and share their own experience and stories through photos, videos, and content. Such kind of engagements leads to higher impressions and create the right hype around the product and the brand.

Crisis Management

Not all publicity is good publicity. A PR crisis can strike at any time, irrespective of whether you’re a start-up or a well-established company. It can also snowball to epic proportions if not contained on time. A mishandled PR crisis can burn a company badly, as evident from some recent incidents.

In this age of social media, where it takes a second to make news go viral, crises can escalate furiously and swiftly. While it takes years to build a brand’s reputation, it takes an instant to destroy it. Irrespective of the scale of a scandal, it can dent a client’s image; but timely intervention can help contain the issue.

Akund understands this and we work closely with clients to develop communication strategies based on uncertain scenarios. We coordinate between the client and the media to successfully manage sensitive crisis situation and ensure they are fully prepared in the event of any potentially damaging message. We help our clients to communicate in real time during a crisis situation. Our crisis correction methodologies also help clients re-build and regain their reputation and public trust.

Our team has a knowledgeable and deep understanding of how to deal with crisis and when to take a proactive or reactive approach when chalking out a mediaresponse strategy. Even in the face of negative reviews, a timely response will help contain the crisis. It will also position the client in favour of public interest rather than just the organisation's interest.

Customer Relationship Management

It is important to spread your message to the right target audience. Bulk email and SMS facilities are provided to our clients to enhance their digital presence.

By applying CRM, an organisation is able to implement a strategy to manage a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organise, automate and synchronise business processes—basically sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service and technical support.

We help you in reaching out to bloggers in a ‘network building’ approach. We create a strategy that identifies bloggers who will lift your brand the most and segment them into an advocate group that you nurture and work with continuously. We help you in working with online influencers to build a brand ambassador network, promote new products, earn authentic mentions and get noticed by a diverse range of new consumers.

Participation in Awards and Events

From time to time we suggest business networking opportunities for our clients. These include participation in Awards/Events or seminars which would be beneficial in building your personal brand or your company’s brand.

Participating in these types of events can also help you in learning about your competitors, help you get recognition in media, learn news ideas and get exposure to new players in the field.

We help your brand reach the largest set of target audience, converting them into your potential consumers.  

DIGITAL MARKETING The skyscraping rise of social media has made these platforms a powerful tool in a business’s online reputation management. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, maintaining a spic-and-span online reputation is a necessity if you want to have a competitive edge against others in the market.

Regardless of the good work you are doing, sometimes it is difficult to avoid negative feedbacks. This should be taken with a pinch of salt - there may be as many negative feedbacks which may hurt your brand, as positive ones that can elevate your brand value. Also, constructive criticism and honest feedbacks help you improve your brand and need to be accepted graciously.

That’s why it has become very important for businesses to monitor their online reputation and respond accordingly. You don’t want your potential customers to chance upon your negative comments thus hurting your brand, reputation and bottom line. You also don’t want to miss out on acknowledging positive points from your current customers - this word of mouth publicity can really skyrocket a business!

No business wants to risk their credibility. That’s why every business needs to be an active participant on specific social media platforms. Choosing the right social media platform for your brand is crucial as well - it will give the business the right customers and leads. In addition, there is also a need to create the right content and conversation around the brand.

Some of our key services are:

Social Media Marketing

Akund with its customised SMM strategies, covers every client’s needs and marketing objectives and helps them create the right buzz in social media.

We leverage your marketing efforts and get the most out of your marketing spend, by targeting the right social media channels which are relevant to your business, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or Snapchat. Through these social media tools, we keep the buzz going by building a momentum

Collaboration with influencers & bloggers

We help brands develop relationships with people who have a strong influence over the purchase decisions of a specific target group. We identify the right influencers for you and help you collaborate with them.

Collaboration enables you to build a tribe of brand advocates, establishes trust, increases your brand awareness and helps your SEO activity by generating backlinks to your website. For it to be effective, you need to ensure you are giving a specific call of action to bloggers you are working with as well as managing your campaign. Blogger engagement has long been seen as a great way to boost SEO efforts and run smart marketing campaigns, aimed specifically at a client’s audience.

A blogger engagement relationship works on a fundamental win-win partnership, for the brand and the blogger in question. Any blogger who knows their worth won’t want to collaborate with a brand and promote a product that isn’t the right fit for their blog - this can jeopardise their integrity. It’s worth remembering that high-profile bloggers are in demand and receive a large number of requests from companies who wish to work with them.

Word of mouth is one of marketing’s most powerful tools and engaged followers are likely to share content across social channels. This also makes it a key element for successful brand awareness.


In today’s digital age, building an online reputation is a no-compromise exercise for all brands. Online reputation management (ORM) means taking control of the online image for an entity. While PR is an upfront service, ORM is more of a behind-the-scenes service. While managing a brand’s online reputation, ORM services leverage SEO to deal with negative data online which can tarnish a company’s reputation. ORM also manages what is said online and helps control defamatory content, by gaining a sense of such content as soon as it surfaces, responding to negative content and removal of inappropriate content from the brand’s own channels.

If you don’t have a virtual presence or have one but don’t have much idea on how to go about it, we will help you to manage an excellent online presence. We work with various techniques and strategies to ensure that our client’s stakeholders find the right materials when they look for them on the Internet.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you enhance online visibility for your business to increase targeted traffic and achieve top rankings. PR and SEO now go hand in hand as a well-thought SEO strategy can help you in increasing your brand visibility and reputation, expand your reach among your target audience, drive organic traffic to your site and generate leads.

Akund Communications, with its well-researched, strategic and brand specific SEO, helps resurrect your brand and elevate your online presence to make your site appear on the first page of the search rankings. We help you to not only generate links from authorised sites, but also provide on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. Apart from strategising to get the first ranking, we will invest deeply into your SEO goals, to ensure that your target keywords and marketing goals are aligned with your aims and objectives.


Search engine marketing also known as pay per click is the use of paid ads to appear in prime spots amid Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). SEM is a funnel to gain traffic to your website. That’s why it is becoming vital for businesses globally. When people search for something online it is the search engines which is their first point of contact. It is essential that your website is optimised for your target keywords, otherwise they won’t appear to your target audience which no less than committing Hara-kiri.

How different is SEO from SEM? SEO is more about increasing your organic search engine ranking through leveraging the right target keywords, link building, establishing site authority. While this makes it a powerful tool to increase your organic reach, SEM helps accelerate this reach by getting potential leads and customers the moment someone searches for that particular keyword.

We create corporate and commercial videos with cinematic creativity, which translates into an extraordinary finished production. We aim to perfectly capture the essence of our client’s goals.   

VIDEO PRODUCTION Our approach combines expertise & passion with a deep understanding of the client and their audience to make videos that engage, inspire and compel people to act. Effective video is video that drives action. We create targeted strategies so that your video content speaks to the right audience in the right way through the right channels.

Want to make your moments remembered for a lifetime? It is important to choose the right equipment, right place and the right person to capture your important moments. We do this for you, apart from deep-diving into simple decisions like whether you should use one camera or a multi-camera setup, to achieve your objectives. We have a specialised and experienced video team who will counsel you through creating more videos for brand recognition and fuelling video channel demands for platforms like YouTube.

Some of our key services are:


We create feature-length and mini-documentaries for all sectors and our style of documentary films can assist in making the audience understand a wide range of topics.

If done well, a business-focussed documentary can help build employee camaraderie and confidence, increase credibility towards your customers and allow for self-reflection and the opportunity to improve your inner workings.

Advertisement Films

Ad films helps in showcasing your product or services in a great light and can be used to create awareness amongst the target audience about the unique features of your product or services.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics extend beyond commonly used methods of frame-by-frame footage and animation. With text as a major component, essentially, it’s animated graphic design and such marketing videos are perfect to explain a complex or abstract idea in a very simple, fast and compelling way.

Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer and add depth to the story. Together with music and effective copy, they can give us an impactful message. We can use them to create ads, title sequences for films etc. Motion graphics can also be used to support a point or to help the viewer see the information you share in a different way.

News Bulletin

We create different bulletins in various segment such as current affairs, industry updates, breaking news, announcement and many more and have the expertise to create a news bulletin for any sector. Our video production department is led by professionals who have an experience of over 18 years’ in the field of journalism.

Promo Videos

Selling your product quickly and saying the right things are the most important values in this highly competitive world. That’s why it’s important to make those first few seconds count with an eye-catching video and flavourful text. So, we create such content that it gets people to stick around and makes your content stand tall.

With promotional videos, shorter is better, especially when it’s headed for the internet. Making it clear, easy to understand and quick to deliver is paramount, or your viewer might scroll on.

Although it can be tempting to explain everything there is to know about your brand, the big question on your viewer’s mind is: what can your brand do for them? What do you offer? How will you solve your viewer’s problems? Answer these questions as soon as possible and you’ll find the effectiveness for your promo video shoot up exponentially.

Educational Video

Videos have become an important part of higher education in India. They’re integrated as part of traditional courses and serves as a cornerstone for many blended courses. In order for a video to serve as a productive part of a learning experience, however, it is important for the instructor to consider the elements of video design and implement those which will best suit the learner and the one who’s learning.

One of the most important aspects of creating educational videos is to include elements that help promote student engagement. If students don’t watch the videos, they can’t learn from them. We can use unique visuals so that the student’s eyes remain fixated on the screen. Our expert team can also give suggestions of the best way to create educational videos, so that you gain new audiences and it is easy to learn. So educational videos can be an effective tool in your teaching tool kit.

Campaign Videos

We have abundant experience in creating campaign videos, where we take a topic and create a whole series around it. Videos are indeed one of the most effective ways to market on the internet today, but videos for a campaign can be expensive to produce and tricky in terms of getting it just right. With campaign videos, you can spread the messages across videos to build audience interest. Smart strategies adopted for these videos can lead your campaign to success.

The video just doesn’t have to be one story. You can explain your solutions, showcase product capabilities, share customer stories and provide thought leadership across multiple channels.

Web Series

The hottest idea right now is web series and more and more production houses, screenwriters and actors are jumping into creating web series. Making a web series is a great way to be able to supply a constant stream of storytelling to a huge online audience and with a web series, you have the freedom to launch the story you always wanted to tell, in the way you want to tell it.

Our team has experience in producing and editing various online web series for entertainment and informative genre.


Vlogs are routinely produced, bite-sized, personality-driven videos featuring day-to-day activities and lifestyle content and are one of the hottest videography trends to emerge in last few years. A vlog can be a monthly, weekly or even daily video clip in which you talk to a camera, about whatever is on your mind. In this way, vlogs are similar to blogs, except they’re done visually.

If you run a business, you can post vlogs when you like and in them, you can talk about new products, new events, and new offers – whatever drives the core content of your business. If it can be verbalised and shown visually, a vlog is extremely beneficial to a business. Frankly, there are no rules for content, structure or length. Vlogs must simply be engaging. They must compel people to subscribe and return for every new episode.

We have experience in producing and editing vlogs for influential personalities like politicians, actors and journalists.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos remain a core offering for a public relations firm. One of the best way to showcase your company’s work is by making corporate films, products, demo videos and advertisement films. These types of corporate videos are the best way to attract your audience attention and explain your point.

At Akund Communications, our mission is to understand your concepts and transform them into a video that showcases your company’s work. Our team quickly does corporate video production as they are professionals who have been associated with leading television channels and production companies from all over India. Up-to-date on new technologies, they are always ready to work with new clients and give them a fruitful result.

We tell your company’s story in a compelling and concise way and our videos can serve as brand awareness vehicle to be showed at events and exhibitions.

We always think of fresh and modern ways to create advertisements and use new mediums to reach and engage with the target audience.   

ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements are the perfect way to let people know that you are present in the market. Advertisements are placed on different platforms to reach different needs of the business. It is essential to place your advertisements on the platform where your target audience is, be it traditional or new media.

Traditional media consists of Print, Television, Out of home advertising and Radio. New media, meanwhile, consists of digital platforms that includes social media and Influencer marketing. We are a team of experts which will help you in creating campaigns, publishing and delivering ideas out of the box. We give an added advantage of advertorials, with tie-ups to our clients.

We blend traditional advertising concepts with in-demand, technologically driven, new age media. With our other verticals this makes us the one of the best one-stop solutions for businesses.

Some of our key services are:

Ad design

There is neither a pre-scripted formula nor pre-defined rules to combine lines, colours, images, typefaces, and other graphic elements to create an eye-catching ad. This requires a sense of finesse based on audience needs and the client’s requirement. It also depends on product / brand specifics - features, functions, appearance, and nature of the product.

Designing is all about a creative idea and creative idea is solely dependent upon the clear understanding of a project’s goal. Once the project is clear, one needs to conduct market research to understand the behaviour of potential customers. A punchline, an eye-catching heading, a succinct content body, and relevant image (if any required) must be figured out in advance. That’s why it is so important for an ad to be effective and a good design is what powers clever advertising. A well-thought idea is all it takes to make the difference! We help you in deciding the size, formats and platform where the advertisement will make the most impact.


Advertorials are a blend of advertising and editorial content (written articles). Rather than a traditional and obvious ad, brands may choose to go this way when they purchase an ad placement in a publication. As the advertorial is designed to look like the rest of the publication, readers may find themselves perusing the article as though, It’s part of a magazine's content, a plus in terms of engagement with the brand.

Advertorials are commonly used in printed publications, but that's not the only place you'll find them. More and more advertorials are popping up on websites, designed to look like another content-focused webpage. In television, the advertisement is similar to a short infomercial presentation of products or services, but it covertly promotes a brand and its products or services. A major difference between regular editorial and advertorial is that clients usually have content approval of advertorials, a luxury usually that they are not provided with regular editorial.

We create all forms of digital and offline content for our clients - digital copy, press releases, scripts, documents, articles, audio-visual films, presentations and more. We specialise in content creation which appeals to both your buyers and your target audience.   

CONTENT CREATIONS Content plays a vital role for any communication to take place. Content creation looks at the contribution of information to any media or medium. It is not only your web design, images, fonts and colours that make up your brand. Content is what persuades people to take action! Without content, nothing can be done. We help you in creating your content in more than one ways.

Some of our key services are:

Written Content


Need to pen down your thoughts? We will help you in creating and maintaining your blogs. We expertise in not only writing the blogs but also sharing it on different platforms so that you can reach the target audience effectively.


We create scripts and storyboards for print media, TV, radio and digital platforms.

News releases

We help you in putting across your message to the targeted media in terms of press releases, announcements and reports.

Case studies

We help in building profiles and create individual as well as company case-studies.


Communication is a two way process and we help you develop the right message so that it is communicated appropriately to the intended audience. Promotion emails and announcements can be sent in bulk.

Visual Content

Creative posts for social media

Visuals add more appeal to any message and we create eye catchy creatives for all digital platforms.


Videos can create a shared experience with your customers and are an increasingly popular way to consume content.

Banners/Posters/Pamphlets for public display and distribution.


Creating unique illustrations and icons which highlight your company and can create interest, awareness, and instant recognition.

Public & Research Reports

Brochure and Catalogues

Designing of brochures and catalogues will help serve as a powerful marketing tool to present your company, its products & services. Books and E-books: We have a pool of experienced and notable writers who can help you tell your stories or experiences to the world.


This is a regular communication between companies/individuals and their target audience we create content and design newsletters in multiple languages.

Research reports

Any output in order to be successful needs backing of research. For this, we have dedicated research team that helps in identifying your target audience and helping you strategise how to reach them.

Business reports: It is very important to understand your own business and the competitor's strategy. Effective business analytics can be the change that you require. We offer our expertise and have a team of analytics who provide you with effective strategies.


We conduct physical and digital surveys. This will help you in better understanding of consumer dynamics and developing a plan of action.

Creativity is reflected in every aspect of communication. The way your logo is designed to reflect the final output of your organisation, speaks volumes! It all depends how you can be different from others.

We help you in creating not only the logo but communication collaterals such as letterhead, business cards and envelopes. We also specialise in creating related creatives like product packaging, 3D designs for real estate, stage mapping of Creative Designs.

Creative Designs

Creativity is reflected in every aspect of communication. The way your logo is designed to reflect the final output of your organisation, speaks volumes! It all depends how you can be different from others.

We help you in creating not only the logo but communication collaterals such as letterhead, business cards and envelopes. We also specialise in creating related creatives like product packaging, 3D designs for real estate, stage mapping of events.

We have a rich experience for conducting surveys through polling programs, monitoring & evaluation, public opinion, questionnaire and observation.   

RESEARCH & SURVEY At Akund Communications, we offer our clients full-suite solutions which have been created after a deep dive into their situations. This also includes high quality, actionable research to get a better understanding of their current position, product needs, industry needs or understanding of the market.

Our research and survey offerings include qualitative and quantitative in the following -

Qualitative research
Quantitative research
Data analysis
Business-to-business research
Industrial research
Social research
On-field research
Mobile and digital surveys

Our research solutions can be customised as per a client’s needs, depending on the kind of results they aim to receive. We routinely help our clients with research solutions related to market trends, product research, consumer feedbacks, exit poll and election surveys.

For more information, do connect with us for examples of our research and survey offerings.

Some of our key services are:

Qualitative research

Our Qualitative research solutions are aimed at obtaining data through open-ended conversations, aimed at exploring and quantifying reasons behind the audience’s bend of mind. 

We do this by way of in-depth interviews and observations on focus groups on specific client problem areas. We have also taken up ethnographic studies as well. With an entrepreneurial approach, we also recommend mixed qualitative research methodologies to help a client achieve breakthrough solutions.

Quantitative research

In quantitative research, we work on objective data collection by using tried and tested research methodologies like polls, questionnaires and surveys. This numeric data covers all combinations so that it can be generalised to cover a target population or to explain a particular phenomenon.  We suggest effective data-gathering solutions, based on the specific needs of our clients. We offer modifications depending on audience-type, quantum of data which is required, on-ground realities, cost and time constraints.

Data analysis

While data analysis remains at the core of all our research and survey offerings, our secondary data analysis helps us offer new insights to all our clients. Our expert team of analysts derive efficient, speedy and impactful insights from pre-existing data sets, that are relevant for our clients.

In this segment, our team works on existing data from government sources, public services, departments, libraries and the wider internet.

Business-to-business research

Akund Communications offers business-based research solutions, which allow our clients a fair idea of market trends, prospective market needs and even sectoral and industry-level analysis, concerning their business or brand positioning.

To know more about our business-to-business research solutions, we recommend connecting with our research and analysis team.

Industrial research

Akund Communications provides complete sectoral analysis and industry-wide insights based on our clients’ needs. These can be based on original research, where we do first-hand data collection for the sector, factor in challenges, insights and opportunities for it.

To know more about our industrial research projects, do connect with our research and survey team.

Social research

Our clients include eminent personalities in business, social and political personalities, who require a firm grasp of the social schism which they’re operating in. For this, our research and surveys team offers custom-built social research offerings to them.

We offer first-hand research, surveys, case studies and trend reports at different levels as part of our social research competencies. We’ve also worked on electoral research projects in this arena.

On-field research

As part of our data collection mechanisms, Akund Communications offers specialised and custom research solutions - be it in expansive or segmented surveys, polls and analysis for the same.

Connect with our team for relevant, efficient and effective on-field research solutions.

Mobile and digital surveys

Ensuring ease-of-access and ease-of-use for final respondents, Akund Communications has integrated digital research offerings into its suite of research offerings. We create, enable and collect data, reports and analysis on mobile and digital platforms, based on specific needs of our clients and the ground realities of our target audience.

Connect with our team to understand how they can leverage these platforms to fulfil your needs.